Project 3/4. Another brief, another project, another concept, you all know the drill by now. And what does this project entail? Well, it entails ‘Co-Bots’. You’re probably wondering to yourself ‘What’s a co-bot?’ I wouldn’t blame you because I didn’t know myself until I did some initial research. According to Dictionary.com (2018), it can be […]

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So, for the past several days or so, this hexagonal meeting space of sorts has been coming along really nicely. The idea has been thoroughly fleshed out to the point where a final concept has been reached. The research and justification behind the concept was perfectly sound, it was just about tying it all together […]

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Interaction. Teamwork. Community.

I won’t lie, this past week has been rather uneventful in terms of the development for this ‘POD’ project This doesn’t mean that I haven’t been working on it, believe me, I have. Having to divert my attention between many different projects and tasks is incredibly challenging. It’s all about balance. I can’t divert all […]

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Social Encounters…

The productivity just does not stop! After immersing myself into the global plastic waste epidemic, it was time for a new challenge. It was time for the second mini project of 4! However, this doesn’t mean that the Plastic-less Packaging project is finished. There are simply one or two loose ends that I need to […]

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Don’t Bottle It!

Having now established a direction for this project i.e. plastic bottles, this meant that my number one priority was to conceptualise a variety of ideas that satisfy the project brief. Before I elaborate any further, this week’s group tutorial presentation will tell you everything you need to know: Plastic-less Packaging¬† – Week 2 However, before […]

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Out At Sea

Having chosen to complete 4 briefs in 12 weeks, it’s about time for Brief 1 to get underway! The first brief I have chosen to complete is ‘Plastic-less Packaging’. The reason for this is that the entire discourse surrounding this brief is so dense and laden with research. I knew that there would be many […]

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A Fork in the Road

The next module is underway! Regarding the ‘Field’ module in the past, one would have to complete one project of their own choice in the space of 12 weeks. This year, the ‘Field’ module runs a little bit differently. Intriguing. There were two options that were presented to us: Option 1: Complete one project, of […]

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Outside Design – Zest4Leisure

After being allowed to recover and recuperate from the 24 Hour project, we were back at it again with another short and snappy project that would have to be completed within a short space of time, 1 and a half days to be precise. Unlike the 24 Hour project, this project required us to design […]

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24:00:00 – PDR

The thesis has been submitted. Sad times. I enjoyed writing that thing too…   However, as one challenge is over, another one begins! In order to keep our minds stimulated and the creative juices flowing, we were tasked with a design project that was unlike any other project we have previously done. We were given […]

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