Is It Nearly Over?

The end is in sight!


I have nearly reached the finish line!


Although, it feels like with every task I complete, the finish line isn’t getting any closer.


Once one thing is done, there are ten more things you need to do.


However, I do feel like I have been making good progress.


I have spent the day preparing my work for the end-of-year exhibition.


Take a look.


Some Models


Looks alright doesn’t it?

I decided to showcase my drill (obviously) and my BBC project. These projects were key projects throughout the academic year so I was almost left with no choice but to showcase these.

We also had the option to present any other projects we completed throughout the year. I decided to showcase the ‘Are You Sitting Comfortably?’ project as the deliverables for that project tied in nicely with the other projects being presented. I would also present ‘Mind Your Own Business’ but we made lots of different things for that project and I simply wouldn’t have enough time to gather all of the necessary pieces of work and make it look nice.

You can read about it on my blog anyway.

Bit of a shameless plug there…


Hang on a minute…


What’s that?


Oh dear…


Well, that’s great…


My boards look good but they would look better is they were actually mounted properly…

This is my own fault…

Instead of using the tried and tested Spray Mount, I decided to go rogue and use double-sided tape.

What was I thinking?

Moving on from this, I think I have one of two options.

I can either learn how to better mount posters myself OR I can pay up to £20 to get each poster printed directly onto mount board.

I think it would have to be the latter.

I completely SUCK at mounting posters so I think I would much rather pay someone else to do it for me.

It would be one less thing for me to worry about for sure.


In other news, after a constant, never-ending cycle of sanding and priming, my facsimile model is complete!


Thank. Goodness.


Completed Model


This took an incredibly long time to produce but I think it’s been worth it. It looks convincing enough and it conveys the exact size, shape, colours etc of my design.

Thing is though, I’m too afraid to pick it up!

I would imagine that it’s quite fragile so I need to guard this thing with my life!

I didn’t put in a million of hours of work for this thing to then break on me!

Not on my watch!


So the drill looks good… ish.


If you were look at the model with a magnifying glass, that’s when the flaws start appearing.



My inner perfectionist is screaming right now.

No matter how many times I tell myself ‘My model looks decent’, I keep thinking about these flaws and blemishes.

I guess it’s annoying that I expected my model to look amazing and perfect and then it looks nowhere near as good as I would’ve hoped.

I mean, the model still looks decent… if you look at it from over 10 feet away.

I guess squinting would help too…

Seriously though, this obviously tells me that I have high standards and that I can be a perfectionist sometimes. It also tells me that I seriously need to improve my model making skills if I ever want to produce models that match or exceed my high expectations.

So was I expecting too much from this?


I have never made a model as complex as this so I can only take this as a learning experience.

I need to accept what I’ve produced and move on.



I wish that I could not focus on the flaws of my work but how can I ignore them if they’re that prominent?

Thing is, I can’t ignore them…

Oh well.


My contribution to the exhibition doesn’t look perfect but I need to use this as motivation to improve in the 3rd year.

Still though, my work looks alright and it is complete. It feels like a huge weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

After Tuesday, the studio will be ‘Out of Bounds’ and from then on, my fate will be in the hands of my tutors.


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