Go With The Flow

Step away from the research!

We have had more than enough time to grasp what we’re doing for our projects and it’s now time for the process that will define the direction our projects will go in; ideation!

I find ideation fun and all but I find that you don’t conceptualise your best ideas unless you’re in the right mindset in the right place at the right time. There are so many factors that can boost or hinder your creativity and so I was curious to see how I would approach this process.

In order to kick-start our creativity, the whole year group was tasked with a little exercise.

Each person would stand up, one by one, and read out their brief (in a nutshell though). The rest of the group would then only have a couple of minutes to write or sketch down as many ideas relating to that brief as possible, with one idea on one post-it note.

So if you do the maths, 40+ students, 1-5 ideas per person would give you a grand total of…




A lot of ideas!


The aim was that you would end up with all of these ideas to the point where you would have a solid starting point and you could then go on from there.

I’m not going to lie, this exercise was surprisingly fun and engaging.

Not only would I get a great insight into everyone’s briefs, but it allowed me think about problems that I had never considered before. How would I solve and approach this particular problem? We were being encouraged to adopt that particular mind set. Some projects were straightforward enough to approach, others required a bit more thought. I just had to adapt my thinking from brief to brief and that was good enough for me.

We only had 2-3 minutes per brief so we had to rapidly get our ideas down! Any idea you had, whether it was good, weird or really weird, just get it down on the post it note!

This therefore encouraged me to embrace my wackier side of creativity and that is why I enjoyed this exercise. I was able to come up with ideas that my regular, methodical brain wouldn’t have been able to have dreamed of! I definitely want to adopt this way of thinking for future projects as it just makes the project just a bit more enjoyable.

Because of this approach, I struck a balance between ideas that were genuine and ideas that were a bit more tongue-in-cheek.


‘How do you encourage people to go out and shop?’


My response:


‘Delete your amazon account!’




However, there is only so much creativity that I can expel!

Throughout the exercise, my creativity was slowly rising. It then hit a peak. And then all of a sudden, it came crashing down in flames. After that, my brain couldn’t go on.

Once I conceptualised an ‘asthma pump action figure’, I just knew it was downhill from there.

However, once I had received all of these ideas (and there were a lot by the way), I got rid of all the duplicates, added some of my own ideas and grouped them into categories. This is what I ended up with:

The Great Wall of Ideas

Some of them were practical, others were humorous but they all provided me with a solid start for this process. I felt inspired and motivated to come up with even more ideas and that’s exactly what I did.

Just some ideas…

My ideation process was further fueled by Callum and Todd as we set out to continue that large scale group exercise.

Some more ideas…

We essentially gave ourselves 10-15 minutes to conceptualise ideas for each other’s projects. I found this to be really beneficial as it allowed me to express my creativity through other projects. I wasn’t just limited to Fire Safety.

Plastic pollution in nature?

Symbiotic relationships between man and nature?


Because both Callum and Todd are on the more speculative end of the creative spectrum, I wanted to make sure that my ideas were equally as speculative. I wanted to forget what I already knew and I just wanted to let my creativity go wild.


A beach graveyard for dead fish? Plastic bottles as the grave stones?


Nailed it.


I received some great, out-there ideas from both of them and I found this impromptu exercise to be really good. It encouraged me to view my project from other perspectives that I had not considered before. I took the best aspects of those ideas and put my own spin on them to add them to my idea collection.

At the time of writing this, I have a really good handful of ideas but I will not be sharing them on here yet. Someone could easily read this and essentially plagiarise my ideas. Call me paranoid but I am not taking that chance.

I’m approaching 50 ideas I know that there must be more creativity left in the tank. I know for sure that I’m not running on empty yet.


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